Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 12 - Travel day to Guayaquil

We spent a lot of time on the bus again today, but it was a good day overall. We left the Pacific Coast around 8:30, and drove about 3 and a half hours to our "swanky" hotel in Guayaquil (Oro Verde). We could not check in yet, so we left our luggage here and were off in the bus to get to lunch. We ate at a place called Lo Nuestro. We had a fancy lunch and even had cold drinks! We have not had any ice on this entire trip!

After lunch, we got back on the bus to drive to Old town Guayaquil, to a place called Las Penas. This is where the old city of Guayaquil was founded. We climbed up 485 stairs on Santa Ana Hill, to the top of a lighthouse where we could overlook the city from there.
 Picture of our group at the top of the lighthouse:
 Picture of Santa Ana Hill from closer to the river (to show how high we climbed!):

We walked along the Guayas River for some time, walking past a playground, city shops, vendors, and a boardwalk area. We also walked to a town square in front of a fancy church. We were completely surprised to see land iguanas walking all over the square! What a shock, but cool, too.

We were on our own in the hotel tonight, so we split up to do different things. Some ordered pizza, others had room service, others went to one of the hotel restaurants. We need our rest, since we have to be in the hotel lobby ready to go to the airport at 6:45am. Our flight to the Galapagos Islands leaves at 8:40, so we need to be on time. :)

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