Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 20 - Coming Home!!!!

We finally got to sleep in today! We had to check out of Hotel Quito at noon, so we had a free morning. It was also our shopping day. We walked around Quito to find an artisan market. Our new guide Veronica gave us directions, so we walked about 15 blocks downtown to find the place. The students were impressed with the variety of things they could buy, especially all things alpaca (socks, sweaters, blankets, etc.). Some walked back, others took a taxi. They spent the afternoon hanging around the hotel, using the WiFi, taking a nap, etc.

(I actually had a chance to visit friends that live in Quito, and also helped with their ministry, Pan de Vida, for the Wednesday evening service. I got to play with kids, feed babies, cut veggies for the food program and fill bags with food to give out.)

We left for the airport around 8:00 for the long drive, then waited around after checking in and going through customs. Dr. Campbell is getting married next week, so we all signed a card, and gave him a gift: matching "Beatles" t-shirts from the Amazon. (they are both entomologists, so the shirts have pictures of beatles on them)

The flight left on time for our 5 hour flight to Atlanta. After the new customs routine in Atlanta (I have to admit, it went very quickly and smoothly), some students left at this time for other flights home. We said our good byes and were off to Raleigh. Then in Raleigh, some of us rode the HPU shuttle back to HPU, while others drove home from their or caught another flight.

Thanks to the students for making this a great trip! I hope you learned a lot, saw the diversity of life, and was able to uncover the "Hidden Face of Ecuador."  I can't wait to see your photo journals, since all the pictures on the blog were ones that I took. Best wishes for a wonderful summer! I will contact you when we get back in the fall to plan a reunion.

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