Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 16 - Santa Cruz Island, Dragon's Beach and Bachas Beach

Today was our first taste of native Galapagos. We walked around Dragon's Beach, called that because the early sailors that first came to the island saw the land iguanas and thought they looked like tiny dragons. We walked past a salt pond, hoping to see flamingos, but no luck. We walked around more parts of the island, more dessert than what we saw in the other rainy parts of the island. We saw lots of birds and several land iguanas. We walked back to the starting point (one big circle) then back to the boat for a break and lunch.

Our next hike was later in the afternoon, so we got to play on the boat. They let us JUMP off the boat into the ocean. We could jump from anywhere, so we did! Pretty awesome!!!

We hiked on Bachas Beach (Bachas means "point"). We walked past another salt pond and saw some flamingos this time! Wow - much better than in any zoo!  We saw some marine iguanas, sally lightfoot crabs and some birds.

We walked back to the main beach, and the students got a chance to snorkel for awhile.

Back on the boat, we had some time before our debriefing then dinner. Some students hung out on the top deck, read, took a nap before supper. At the debriefing, we got some postcards that we could drop off tomorrow. Fun day today!

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