Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 2 - Quito

Good afternoon! We are on our 2nd day in Ecuador, since the first day was spent traveling here. The flights were fine, just a little late leaving ATL.  We arrived at the airport at about 10:50pm Ecuador time (11:50 HPU time), then actually got to our hotel at around 1:00am!  We were some tired travelers!

We met for our day in Quito at 8:45am with our guide, Enrique, and drove toward the equator. We stopped in a small village called Pomasci and went to a market

We went to the Intinan Museum, which sits on the equator. We got to observe and try out some different experiments (balancing an egg on a nail, for one) on the equator, as well as joining in a native dance.

We drove back to downtown Quito to have lunch and visit the Old Town Quito. We walked around the Franciscan monastary, the Gold Church, and saw the President's Palace. We are now back at the hotel to relax before dinner. Tomorrow - hiking around the Antisana Volcano (13,000 ft elevation) and going to a hot springs spa.
Group at the Equator:
 In the Monastery
 Group in Independence Square:

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